Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Short Story.......

A Winter Walk 

     It was a white cold misty morning in the city of New Grove, Colorado. Everyone still tucked in bed, but i told myself that this was the perfect time to stroll the paths of the neverend woods. The trees whistled like chimes and made everything seem just right. As I was walking, I came across something quite strange. There in the whistled woods was an old lady dress all in black. I wouldn't normally think this is so strange, but she was starting at the night sky. I was very much intrigued, so i need a closer look. I found this rock to hide behind, and this rock was like marble stone cold as ice. When I had the chance to look up, instantly my breath was taken. There were these ghost like sheets with dangling feet, and I probably should be creeped out but they were just so mezmerising just like angels in the heavens. This sight was definitely the most amazing image I have ever seen. I just sat behind that marble stone like rock for what seemed like hours, and I was as still as roman statue.