Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Question #4 from Jeanette Salgado "Little League Haiku"

4.What does he mean when he says his body and uniform were protective packaging?

He's describing how he is wearing his uniform and because there is so much to his uniform he called it protective because what its supposed to do. In football, which im assuming his the sport he is playing seeing how he mentions offense and defense, you have to wear lots of padding. Although, he said his body is protective packaging, which makes me think he doesnt really wanna play sports. His referring to his body as packaging makes it sound like hes just in his body and his mind in just in his body but he doesnt wanna be in it, like its temporay, when we know its not. His body is his body, can't change that.

Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Questions from "Running After Antelope"

The Friendly Man

1. What was the connection or interaction between the narrator and the Policemen? Why do you think they let him go free?

2. What is the process for how the "friendly man" gets his stories?

3. What was the irony with the Basketball story?

4. How did the "time dollar" process work?

5. Do you think that "time dollars" are good way of living? What sort of things were in their store to buy?

6. Describes the word Professional? How was it portrayed in the story?

7.  On page 32, in the second paragraph. Decribe what was happening, and why you think the ladies were behaving that way?

8. What are some differences between the Basketball story and the St Louis story?

9. Why do you think the narrator kept the identify of the "friendly man" a secret? What is a good quote that talks about the "friendly man"?

10. What is ironic about the ending of the story?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Full Moon.......

It was a beautiful sight that was right before my eyes. One of the fullest moons, I have ever seen with twinkling stars all around. I sat there in a gaze, thinking how amazing the the moon looks, but then I thought about the bad week i've been having. Which made me wonder, how can someone be gazing at something so amazing and be thinking how awful their life is at the moment? Which is sad but somewhat like a balance. The moon was something beautiful and good which could be as a balance of the bad going on in my life. The moon made me forget all the bad things afterwhile. The moon was like a fairy godmother, making me someone else for a little while. Sitting there I felt invincible and like anything is possible. I wanted to stare at the moon all night, but reality kicked in and told me that its time for the gazing to stop and so I started to fade right back into my life. My last thought as I turn around to leave, I said to myself, wow nothing last forever, not even a gaze.